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Enhanced Wellness Skincare Spa offers a comprehensive collection of treatments and services to bring tranquility, calm, and relaxation into your life. Our team of acne specialists located in our Mequon days spa has been hand-picked to ensure a warm, welcoming experience with a practical approach. See the selection of acne services that are offered by our acne specialist. We also offer Face Reality Products for sale in our Mequon, WI spa.

Are you currently struggling with Acne? We introduce the Face Reality Skincare line in our Mequon day spa with a 95% Success rate. Face Reality Acne Clinic has a clear-skin system that will have your acne under control in about three to four months, depending on your type of acne.  We combine the power of clinical-grade products customized for your type of acne with a series of bi-weekly treatments.

Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist in Mequon, WI
Acne Specialist in Mequon, WI


What to Expect...

Acne Specialist in Mequon, WI

Your initial session begins with a consultation.  Your acne specialist will perform an assessment, sensitivity test, skin analysis, photo to track your progress, and a customized homeware routine.
As your certified skin expert, we will access:

  • Your skin and acne type

  • Your diet & hormonal issues

  • Lifestyle factors

  • Your current skincare routine & products 

As a licensed esthetician and Certified Acne Specialist, I will guide you through your home routine combined with professional in-clinic treatments.

If you decide to up for the Bootcamp program, you will be given your packet with instructions and tools you need to achieve clearer skin from your acne specialist. 

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